Current Focus: journaling/poetry/song writing, visual artist, and music production.

Sofia Raisanen is a Dallas, Texas based creative writer, music producer, poet, visual artist and music industry professional who holds ten years of experience in multiple fields within the music realm and in the blogosphere.

Expertise knowledge in journaling, networking, promotions, event production, and soon after, she discovered the powers of the blogosphere. Further, establishing as a former music label collective head, Raisanen has developed strengths in connecting through mediums of Public Relations, A&R, Distribution, Digital and Music Marketing, and Artist Development. Obtaining international work visas & strong recommendations was an accomplishment.

Sofia is a self-taught creative. The main practice that has allowed all of these creative strategies and natural developments to flourish is rooted through the art of journaling, a passionate and naturally aligned art form that started years before diving into the music industry.  Holding over 500 publications in 12 different blogs/outlets as a freelancer, blogging remains a fresh passion.